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Weddings in Sifnos as I have mentioned in my earlier posts here on Destination Weddings ,  Sifnos in recent years has become one of the first choices for the wedding ceremony , just one look at the church Chrisopigi. Many still choose Santorini and Mykonos for their destination weddings with good reason they are wonderful islands to get married on . But Sifnos is different a true Greek island picturesque, authentic and real .  I cant help thinking that Sifnos will become an island of choice .

There are many very chic modern boutique hotels beach front hotels there. Also a there is Elies Resorts facing Aegean Sea and the surrounding scenery which makes Ellies a perfect resort for wedding photography …  just look at the photos .   James and Anna the wedding couple I photographed there had their pre wedding party two minutes away at a beachfront cafe ,  there guests had a bare foot  beach stroll and they were treated some some of the best Greek food I have ever tasted accompanied by traditional greek music and dancing … oh and the plate smashing.

Couples would be spoilt for choice for wedding venues on Sifnos , most overlook the sea .  There would be venues for everyone wedding hotels in Sifnos or restaurants Lazarou Beach resort .  Please let me know if you need any help choosing a venue and of course if you need a wedding photographer for your Sifnos wedding let me know.

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''wedding in sifnos''
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Destination Wedding news articles ideas inspiration

Destination Wedding news often I read articles on Destination Weddings as a photographer I think it is very important to be aware of what is happening in our industry .  I want to be able to give the couples I work with and the best advice ideas and inspiration .  Hearing it first hand from someone that knows it , done it  , be there , seen it  has a lot more value.  I will try to look at some articles and give you some feed back .   The article here is from The Huffington Post  Huffington Post

Here are a couple of sentences that caught my eye concerning destination weddings.

Destination weddings are perfect for couples looking to create a full weekend experience for their guests.

Each of your guests has traveled a long way to join you for the weekend so it is important to include everyone there in each event, and to have plenty of events to show you appreciate them making the trek to be there for your big day.

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Destination Wedding Greece Island of Sifnos

Wedding Photographer Ian Johnson photographs weddings on all Greek islands Santorini Mykonos Sifnos for islands and information contact Ian .  I have just been asked best destination wedding venue for 2013 ?

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best destination wedding photos Sicily

Best destination wedding photos starting with Sicily .  I keep coming back to this photo from Dominics and Kates wedding in Sicily . Their wedding venue  was held at an Olive Farm Azienda Mandranova in Sicily . We did the portrait photo session in the Olive Groves  . Kate had a great idea for the area where all the wedding guests would be having their welcome drinks and playing games , paper flowers . A really great idea to decorate for a destination wedding , because these were light and flat and easy to pack .  It really added some great detail to the photo . Those who have been to Sicily know the light there is great , so we were able to use the back light photographing into the sun .  The soft pastel colors really work .

'' weddings in sicily ''

Best Of Wedding Photos Sicily

Azienda Mandranova is Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel     Azienda Mandranova in Sicily  really one of the best venues , a perfect venue for any one wanting a destination wedding in Sicily Italy Azienda Mandranova in Sicily


best of destinations weddings 2011

While I say best of destinations weddings 2011,  as I look through all this years weddings I have photographed .  I must send congratulations to all couples who have been newly engaged of christmas and new year .  Over my own christmas we discovered that we as a family have visited over 20 different countries this year .

My wedding year started with a wedding at the Ice Hotel  at minus 32 , to sun drenched beaches in Greece , Sicily and Portugal  to the heights of Chamonix in the Alps .  What will this year bring  Santorini , Mykonos  or Sifnos  in Greece , in Italy Tuscany or Ravello  or the Algarve Portugal what ever is your destination wedding venue please let me know .

Recommendations tips ideas on Destination Wedding venues 2012 2013 please email me.

Destination Weddings Magazine has a great deal of information

Ian Johnson Photo at Destination Weddings Magazine

Ian Johnson Photo at Ian Johnson Photo

Destination Wedding Photo of the week

Photo of the week

I love this moment from the wedding in Thailand .  It was taken at the spa or in the spa room at the Andara Resort . There really was amazing light , the clouds at this time were white , so the day light coming into the room was very directional .Stevie the bride  is getting make up , her daughter Frankie was an absolute angel all day . In this moment she is looking up at mum  . Here is a timeless moment that will never be forgotten.


Destination Wedding Photo of the week.

Ian Johnson Photo of the Week  . Email Ian for all you  Thailand wedding photography.

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